Website Design


Skechers website is simple, and the colors used are blue and gray. The website is designed to sell its products rather than engage the visitor. The attractive part of the website is the changing images which change after every three seconds and displays different products brand has to offer. Below the changing images, there are two still images of other products offered like apparel and Bobs for kids. When clicked on all the images, even with changing ones, each one has a separate landing page which explains more about the product. At the end of the website, information about company, customer service and social login is displayed.


  • Loading time – Website speed plays an important role for visitors presence on the websites. Faster the website loads, more time a visitor will remain on the website. The better performing a website is, the more efficient a user will be when completing his desired tasks.
  • Accessibility – The invention of mobile phones and tablets has made it important for the websites are accessible. It is important to know whether the website works well with different browsing options available. Website responsiveness plays a critical role when accessed the website through different mediums.
  • Navigation – It is imperative that the user be able to move through multiple web pages as easily as possible. Navigability consists of numerous user interface components, such as navigation menus, search boxes, links within the copy of a web page, sidebar widgets that display recent or top content and so on.
  • Search – It does play an important role for visitors who are looking for a specific product. Websites search engine should display same or similar products to help visitors find their query.
  • User experience – It is a generic experience which will vary from user and is largely based on perception. It is to study and evaluate how pleasant a website is to use. The possible outcomes towards user experience are usefulness, enjoyment, and positive experience.


Five girls participated in the usability test, and the responses were more or less same.

  • Four out of five thought Skechers website was dull.
  • All five said Skechers website loaded quickly.
  • Three out of the five visited the website through their mobile phone, and the website was responsive.
  • Skechers website is easy to navigate because of its simple design and all five users could easily navigate to different pages and back.
  • Search option on the website is right at the top that cannot be missed. Any input on the search option provides accurate and possible options. For example, Shape-ups was searched, and it displayed shape ups shoes as well as related shoes to shape-ups.
  • User experience towards the Skechers website was not encouraging. All five users did not like the website as they felt it was dull and boring. Although the website has many products but the look of the website does not attract the users.


Skechers website is simple in design and loads faster on a laptop and even on a mobile phone. The website can be easily navigated. Skechers website gives options for men, women, boys, girls and kids. All the tabs are provided at the top that helps the user to navigate. The web pages loads faster and help users to navigate the website easily. The color used on the website is blue, gray and white. The color blue on the website is the color of trust, peace and loyalty. All the landing pages provide different color set which represent the product and offers. Christmas page displays red color fonts, and that goes with the feel of the holidays. Similarly, all the landing pages display the color scheme which compliments the product and offers.


The basic weakness of the Skechers website is it is not engaging the users on its website. The website does use the color blue, but color gray used dull, and it discourages the users to stay on the website. Skechers competitors like Reebok, Fila, and Puma have interactive websites with bright colors to engage the users. Colors used on the competitors’ website are bright colors like yellow, green and red which attract the users. Too much text on the top bar of the website and the user can further lose interest in pursuing the website.


Websites are obviously an extremely visual way of communicating with people, and color plays a very large part in that communication process. It will be recommended that Skechers use more of colors to its website that will give it more attractive and fresh look. Skechers should use a full-screen background image as it will make a massive visual impact when users arrive on the site. More of images and less of text will help interact with users.











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