Visual Treat!!!

My company is Skechers “Shape-ups.”

The strategy is to create an ad inspiring campaign that will target girls from the age group of 16-21 years. The idea about Shape-ups ads is to transpire the targeted customers into long-term loyal customers. The toning shoes industry and the competitors, I have followed, emphasized more on visually based advertisement.

truebalanceThe True Balance ad shows a woman walking down the street with a cross body bag. This gives the feel that she is either strolling or walking down to her destination instead of driving. She is seen wearing True Balance shoes and the adage right there supports the claims the company makes, why walk when you can tone. Even when she is strolling, she is still toning her muscles wearing the truebalance shoes. The picture otherwise gives a very happy, spring-like feel that would make anyone want to walk down instead of driving or go out for a stroll. The indicator on the opposite side of the crossing displays TONE. The ad also mentions how the truebalance shoes help, up to 29% more muscle activation, up to 10% increased calorie burn but 100% style. Muscle activation and calorie burn is an estimate as compared to traditional walking shoes. However, the brand is 100% sure when it comes to styling of the shoes. The ad has in very small font, details about the shoes and how they help in toning the calves, gluteus and core muscles. It mentions that the shoes are very comfortable to wear and look great. The ad is talking about female rivalry when it mentions that woman can keep the secret of their well toned body, all to themselves. The ad is visually appealing, however, the picture itself does not convey much, and the text is in very small font and length to be readable in just one glance to get the message.

FilaThe Fila ad is simple and pictorial. It shows a woman on the terrace of a high-rise building in her workout gear. She is dancing to the music in her mind. She appears very confident in her skin and enjoying the dancing. One simple adage, sexy is a state of mind, aptly describes the scenario shown in the ad. The ad immediately draws one’s attention and gives one a feel good factor about them. It gives a very positive and motivating feel. The woman shown in the ad has a well-toned body, looks healthy but not skinny or chiseled as shown in other ads. This gives it a more realistic feel, something a regular woman can relate to. The Fila logo is on the bottom left corner of the ad and below it is mentioned, bodytoning system. The word system indicates; it is not just a pair of shoes, but the entire system that goes into its designing, conceptualizing and manufacturing to give best results. The word ‘toning’ in red font indicates passion and aggression towards their goal, which is toning. The ad does not need much textual matter; the picture itself along with a simple adage speaks aloud.

reebokeasytoneThe Reebok ad focuses on a woman running. The angular shot shows the shoe sole of a woman running, her well toned legs and gluteus. The ad has more textual content than pictorial. It mentions about Easytone shoes and that they tone the key leg muscles. Attention is drawn towards the picture where information about the muscles used and toned while walking is mentioned. 28% gluteus Maximus, 11% hamstrings and 11% calves. The ad gives detailed a description about the shoes and how they help tone even while you do your regular day-to-day activities. It also gives information on the shoe mechanism and how it helps tone muscles. The other half of the ad shoes the pair of Reebok Easytone shoes worn by a woman. One shoe shows the shoe design while the other shoe shows its sole. The sole has the mechanism mentioned in the ad that helps in toning.

BodyTrain_Retail5 copyThe Puma ad is again more pictorial and less textual. It focuses on sketches of woman’s legs, shown doing different activities like running, walking, striding, and jumping. The ad has an all-black background, and the sketch is merely a white outline of female legs wearing Puma shoes and that become the focal point of the sketch. Below the sketches are the simple adage, walk tight. That explains how the Puma bodytrain muscles help tone and tighten the muscles. The top center of the ad has the Puma logo and bodytrain mentioned under it; ‘body’ in pink color font and the black and white sketches with pink shoes, immediately draws female attention.

fila-sculpt-n-tone-shoesThe Fila ad here is simple that emphasizes on pictorial and textual in proportion. It shows a Fila shoe and beside the shoe is the Fila logo; letter F in bold and a blue colored square. The ad describes the benefits of the shoe, Leg toning, hip toning, and butt toning. The word system is used to describe the shoes that show that they are not just a pair of shoes, but an entire workout system that helps tone your body. Fila sculpt and tone draws attention as it is slightly spaced out from the other text in the ad. It is like the final word! Use of red color for keywords like toning and sculpt shows passion and aggression.


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