Shaping the Fitness Industry

Skechers Inc. was founded in 1992 by Robert Greenberg and his son Michael in Manhattan Beach, California (Reuters, 2014). Skechers offers branded lifestyle footwear, performance footwear and branded junior line.

Skechers launched “Shape-up” fitness shoes in the spring of 2009, which helped the brand reach a record-setting sales number in the third quarter (Beaudry, 2009). The writer further elaborates that in the year 2010, Skechers owned around 80 percent of the $150 million market share of the domestic toning business. Shape-ups were launched for people seeking a healthier lifestyle and wanting to incorporate fitness into their daily lives. Shape-ups walking shoes are designed to help muscles to develop balance, correct posture, tone leg and hip muscles (Bumgardner, 2014).

Skechers “Shape-ups” were launched in 2009 and were originally targeted solely to women. Leonard Armato, President of Skechers Fitness Group, says about the advertising campaign, “much like the First Lady’s Let’s Move initiative.” Also, the shape-ups are targeted at young girls and encouraging them to get fit. The aim of the advertising campaign is to target young girls specifically (Dillard, 2011).

According to a report on Hubpages (2014), there are many toning shoes in the market and all claim to be the best ones, offering faster toning, weight loss and healthier way of walking. The writer further explains that in the toning industry, Skechers Shape-ups has competition from New Balance, Puma, Reebok, Fila and Abeo R.O.C.S.

New Balance

truebalanceNew Balance is an American footwear brand founded in the year 1906. It is one of the leading footwear manufacturers in the world. The New Balance ad here is very simple and precise in conveying its message. The ad is divided into two halves and on the left side shows the rear side of a woman with a well-toned body, walking in New Balance shoes. The New Balance logo is its initials, NB with wellness written below it. The word wellness draws attention and represents what the brand stands for. The other side of the ad has the New Balance logo on the upper right corner. The center has ‘true balance’, ‘true’ is bold highlighted font while ‘balance’ in the regular font. This gives more weight to the word ‘true’, giving it more significance. Below truebalance, the ad mentions that they have a collection of toning shoes. The ad then in simple words, mentions about the three main uses of the shoes – tones muscles, burns calories, slims you down. Again, the three key words, tones, burns, slims here are highlighted in bold. The New Balance shoe worn by a woman in the advertisement is shown in side-view. The ad is simple yet conveys its message and details in precision. The color used for the ad is blue, which represents positivity and strengths that encourage trying the product.


ReetoneThe Reebok was founded in London in 1895. In 2005, it became a subsidiary of German group Adidas. Reebok is one of the oldest and most popular brands too in the sports industry. The ad here shows two women, packing an old music player in their car trunk. The two women, one showed in track pants and t-shirt while the other in shorts and tank top; have well-toned bodies and both wearing Rebook tone shoes. The ad mentions Reetone. “Ree” in pink and tone in white, below which in small font is mentioned, introducing easy tone apparel. The pink color used signifies that the collection is mainly for women. Reebok does not have a pictorial logo, but only Reebok implied straight in a simple font. In the ad, Reebok is mentioned on the lower right corner in pink color. The ad is clearly targeting woman. The location with car used in the ad is to represent the coolness youngsters enjoy.


PumaPuma is a German footwear company founded in the year 1924. It gained popularity in the last few years.The ad here talks about winning a pair of Puma bodytrain signed by celebrity Kimberley Walsh. On the right side is a picture of Kimberly Walsh sitting wearing a workout gear and the Puma bodytrain shoes. Puma logo is an image of the leaping Jaguar. This signifies speed, strength and agility. The ad talks about bodytrain shoes, body in pink font and train in white font. The ad mentions walk tight, walk sexy, walk tight. The pink font color, walking tight and walking sexy, again is very woman-centric and targets woman clientele. The background is black and the image of Kimberly Walsh stands out as with the bodytrain shows she is wearing.


FilaFila were originally founded in Italy in 1911 before being taken over by Fila Korea in 2007. This ad could probably be one of the most inspiring ads. It shows a woman in workout gear standing on a high-rise building terrace, looking at the sky with her hands raised high up. What draws attention is that a woman has one artificial leg and in the other she is seen wearing a Fila shoe. It shows that despite the disability, she is ready to fly and soar great heights. Unlike other ads, a woman is showed with a well-toned upper body but heavier lower body due to a disability. Fila in the ad have used real women rather than models like other ads. Hence, the adage, Sexy is a state of mind. In today’s time, where being fit is all about being thin, slim and sexy, this ad is very inspiring and motivating. Fila have smartly used social media login icons for Facebook and Twitter to engage the audience. The inspiring story engages the audiences and social media icons to initiate conversation, which is raise brand awareness.


AbeoThe Abeo R.O.C.S ad here talks about the company introducing their new rocker outsole comfort system designed shoes for special comfort. They also mention about free 2nd day shipping on all their footwear. What draws attention is the Abeo R.O.C.S shoe which covers the major part of the advertisement. Abeo has not used models like other brands to advertize its show. The ad is simple, and the idea is to sell with an offer of free shipping. The background in the ad is blue that represents positive and trustworthy feel.


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