How is big data changing the logistics industry globally and in India?

Big Data is the term used to represent an analysis of a large amount of data that can result in the generation of valuable information and insights. Big Data has transformed from the… Continue reading

Digital Assistants – The next big thing in Search advertising!

Have you seen the Google’s “OK Google” and Apple’s “Hey Siri”commercial? Both the commercial are an example of how the phone searches the inquiry that too just through the voice command. Such voice… Continue reading

Will Surface Pro 4 make Microsoft the Market Leader in 2-in-1 Tablet Segment?

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 4 that will be thinner, lighter, faster, and with facial recognition. The Surface Pro 4 will be available in the Microsoft stores today, 26thOctober. The… Continue reading

Volkswagen Crisis: New Marketing Strategy

Volkswagen, a German car manufacturer, is going through an eventful year.The brand surpassed Toyota as the world’s largest automaker in the first half of 2015 by selling 5.04 million vehicle. The good news of… Continue reading

Website Design

Website Skechers website is simple, and the colors used are blue and gray. The website is designed to sell its products rather than engage the visitor. The attractive part of the website is… Continue reading

Synergy based ads

The ads that will be analyzed in this week’s post will be ones that include both a verbal message and effective visual design to create synergy. When both verbal and visual designs are… Continue reading

Visual Aspects

Effective design and copy helps brand give a reach to the target audience. I have chosen five competitors to Skechers “Shape-ups” which uses effective visual ad design to target its audience. The New… Continue reading

Visual Treat!!!

My company is Skechers “Shape-ups.” The strategy is to create an ad inspiring campaign that will target girls from the age group of 16-21 years. The idea about Shape-ups ads is to transpire… Continue reading

Shaping the Fitness Industry

Skechers Inc. was founded in 1992 by Robert Greenberg and his son Michael in Manhattan Beach, California (Reuters, 2014). Skechers offers branded lifestyle footwear, performance footwear and branded junior line. Skechers launched “Shape-up”… Continue reading